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Provider's Corner

Welcome to the Provider's Corner. Your provider representatives on the ELC Board of Directors are Ms. Loreen Chant, Representative of Individuals under federal programs with Disabilities Education Act, Ms. Jenni Roig, Private Provider Representative, and Dr. J. Abilio Rodriguez, Faith-based Provider Representative.

Ms. Chant

President/CEO of Easter Seals South Florida. Easter Seals South Florida accredited by NAEYC serving 900 children in 11 locations across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.  Prior to joining Easter Seals South Florida in 2014, she was a successful higher education administrator for 22 years. 

Ms. Roig

President/Founder of the Roig Academy located in South Miami.  The Roig Academy founded 18 years ago, offers an alternative educational milieu for students with a variety of learning strengths.  The academy provides preschool, elementary and summer services. Ms. Roig has 25 years of dedicated experience in the field of child development, literacy and dyslexia.

Dr. J. Abilio Rodriguez

Executive Director of Centro Mater Child Care Services. Centro Mater provides Early Head Start, Head Start and private childcare in the greater Hialeah community. Prior to joining Centro Mater, Dr. Rodriguez was with the Miami-Dade County Department of Human Services as a Head Start/Early Head Start Special Projects Administrator.

Provider meeting -Eligibility Update 2019

PNC Bank has worked with the Florida Grade-Level Reading Campaign to create videos to help parents talk to their children and develop their vocabularies. Click here to read more.

Introduction to the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards

Birth to Kindergarten (2017)

In 2017, the Office of Early Learning convened a group of national and state early learning content experts to review current standards and recommend revisions to ensure that the Florida standards are rich, interactive and lead to better preparation for children based on current research to support high-quality standards.  The State Board of Education adopted the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards – Birth to Kindergarten (2017) in December 2017.

The revised standards address the following age groups:

  1. 8-18 months
  2. 18-24 months
  3. 24-36 months
  4. 36 to 48 months
  5. 48 months to Kindergarten

The Standards and benchmarks reflect the knowledge and skills a typically developing child should know and be able to do at the end of an age-related timeframe.  Children are unique and develop skills at different rates therefore, it is important to assess each child individually to effectively plan for their needs. 

Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards

Birth to Kindergarten (2017)

Eight Domains

The Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards – Birth to Kindergarten (2017) address eight early learning and developmental domains:

1. Domain: Physical Development

The first five years, young children undergo rapid and dramatic changes in their physical development more than any other time in their lives.Children experience changes in body proportion, coordination and strength.They develop physical, motor and sensory capacities that enhance exploration and mastery of the environment.

2. Domain: Approaches to Learning

Approaches to Learning is not about specific content knowledge instead it addresses how children deal with new environments, interactions and discoveries.It describes children’s attitudes and dispositions towards learning.

3. Domain: Social-Emotional Development

As children grow, their ability to establish relationships with peers and adults influences how they view themselves and the world.They learn to expand their capacities to recognize and express their own feelings and to understand and respond to the emotions of others.

4. Domain: Language and Literacy

Language, communication, early literacy and writing are critical to a child’s ability to learn, work and play with others.Language and literacy development is crucial to laying the foundation for children to learn, read and write on grade-level by third grade

5. Domain: Mathematical Thinking

Mathematics is everywhere and it helps children make sense of their world.Mathematical understanding begins in the very first months of life and continues to grow and expand as they and the relations between objects and space.

6. Domain: Scientific Inquiry

Scientific inquiry addresses children exploring the physical world around them.They learn about their world by first using their senses and reflexes.Children’s expanding physical and motor capacities enable them to engage in ever-widening explorations and can promote new brain connections.

7. Domain: Social Studies

In the earliest years, social studies concepts simply involve children exploring their world and trying to make sense of the social and physical environments.Their social interactions with others form each child’s basic social understanding beginning with self and family.

8. Domain: Creative Expression Through the Arts

Creative expression through the arts provides children with opportunities to express ideas and feelings by using words, manipulating tools and media to solve problems.Children learn to express their knowledge, interests and abilities and appreciate the contributions of others.

In addition to the domains, components, standards and benchmarks, the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards-Birth to Kindergarten (2017) reference four concepts throughout each domain.  The concepts are play, patterns, cause and effect and communication; these concepts support the educator in providing meaningful learning experiences for children. 

Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards

Birth to Kindergarten (2017)

Curriculum Alignment

The standards support curriculum and assessment tools.  A few examples of curriculum alignment to the Florida Early Learning and Development Standards are on the following websites:

The resources mentioned above are a partial list of available curriculums.  If your curriculum is not listed, go to the publisher’s website to request a copy of their correlation to the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards – Birth to Kindergarten (2017

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Board of Directors Meetings

  • Monday, December 2, 2019 - David Lawrence Jr. Community Meeting Room 2555 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite 500, Coral Gables, FL 33134

For more ELCMDM meeting dates, please click here for the event calendar.

Click here to download the presentation from the July 2019 Providers Meetings.


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