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Math and STEM Resources for Families

In these resources, families will find a variety of exciting activities to help their children review and develop new math and STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Math) skills.

Families Page for the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards: All learning domains in the standards have resources for families to support their children’s learning at home. Select Domain V, Mathematical Thinking, and your child’s age level for appropriate activities

Finding the Math: Discover how families can use daily experiences to help their children learn math. Explore ways children can learn math during home routines, shopping in the grocery store, and playing in the park. Also, find key ideas and strategies for enhancing the math concepts in these experiences.

Math Is Everywhere Toolkit: Sesame Street offers this math toolkit so families can help their preschooler master early math skills such as counting, number recognition, and shapes, simply by going about daily activities such as setting the table, or going to the grocery store— even playing games in and around the house. Making math part of their everyday routine is not only easy, it makes math fun and relevant for all children.

Bedtime Math: Based on the popular Bedtime Math app for elementary school kids that’s proven to improve math skills, MiniMath is designed for families with kids ages 4-5. Choose Food, Animals and Vehicles, or explore other math problems on all kinds of kid-friendly topics. With three different types of questions (“Look,” “Do,” and “Think”), parents will get a fun new activity for their child every day.

Early Math Resources: Math is all around us. Check out the featured resources for simple ways to introduce early math concepts to your child during everyday activities.

Finding Math in Books: Reading books to young children can help them develop math skills using math-related vocabulary and concepts. In this guide, families will find samples of children’s books that are rich in mathematical content. With each book sample, there is a short summary and examples of the book’s mathematical concepts.

Let’s Talk About STEM Video Series: These videos help parents understand the importance of STEM skills and how to engage their children in STEM activities.
Let’s Talk, Read and Sing About STEM!: Parents can explore STEM concepts with their child in many ways. They can talk, read, sing, play, sign or use other ways to communicate – whatever works best for their family.