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Parent Resources

Do you have a concern about your child?

The Warm-Line helps families with:

  • Concerns about your child’s growth or development
  • Concerns about your child’s behavior
  • Classroom accommodations and intervention strategies
  • Referrals to other agencies

Call the Warm-Line at 786-433-3095 and an Inclusion Specialist will contact you to discuss your concerns and determine next steps.

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read's MILESTONES OF EARLY LITERACY DEVELOPMENT chart offers information - in an easy-to-read grid - on the developmental stages (both motor and cognitive) that lay the foundation for learning to read. Targeted to ages 6 months through 5 years, the MILESTONES include tips and guidance for healthcare providers, parents, and caregivers on choosing books and reading aloud to children at different ages

School Calendars

Miami-Dade Public Schools Calendar

Monroe County School District Calendar

Mindful Eating in Preschool Setting

CHECKLIST for SNAP-Ed Intervention

Mindful Eating in Preschool Setting

SnapED Toolkit -Mindful Eating in Preschool Setting

Refugee Services Program

The Refugee Services Program provides subsidized child care services to the children of eligible refugees/entrants who reside in Florida. The program promotes economic self-sufficiency by allowing parents/guardians of young children access to quality and affordable child care while participating in an employability service as soon as possible upon their arrival to the United States. Services are provided by referral from resettlement agencies.

For more information please contact Youth Coop.

The point of contact for the Refugee CRS child care services 

Thalissa Woodcock, Child Care Specialist, 

(305) 643-6730 


Jania Taleno, CRS Contract Officer

(305)643-6730  ext 434