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Year 2 for SRPA is Coming!

December 05, 2019

School Readiness Program Assessment (SRPA) - CLASS News

Year 2 for SRPA is Coming!

Message from the Early Learning Coalition Year 2 for SRPA is coming!

It’s time to reengage in all things CLASS!

The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) tool is used in classrooms of all ages to measure and improve teacher-child interactions – the most important influence on children’s learning and development.

Remember that 50% of your classrooms, by care level, will be assessed using this tool – CLASS.

Visit the ELCMDM’s Professional Development Institute (PDI) at to sign up for free trainings that will help you understand CLASS and improve your interactions.

Professional Development opportunities for teachers and directors are in English and Spanish.

Classes are scheduled throughout the week, evenings and weekends at various locations.

You can reach PDI at 305-646-7220 ext. 2350 or email at