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U.S. Department of Labor National Disaster Dislocated Worker Grants

March 26, 2020

CareerSource South Florida (CSSF) was entreated to submit a funding request to serve displaced workers due to COVID-19. Please find below information regarding the U.S. Department of Labor National Disaster Dislocated Worker Grants (NDDWG). The NDDWG is award to fund disaster-relief temporary jobs to help communities recover from a natural disaster or emergency.

CSSF staff have been working with both Miami-Dade and Monroe County governments and a number of municipalities to develop an employment program to temporarily hire the displaced workers until the economy rebounds. The requested NDDWG funding will pay for the program. Additionally, The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity submitted a NDDWG request in the amount of $158 million dollars to US Department of Labor.

The Disaster-relief temporary workers are allowed to work for governmental and nonprofit agencies. The following are the allowable disaster-relief temporary job activities:

  • Projects that provide food, clothing, shelter, and other humanitarian assistance for disaster victims.

  • Projects that involve demolition, cleaning, repair, renovation and reconstruction of damaged and destroyed public and nonprofit structures, facilities, and land located within the disaster area. For the COVID-19 national health emergency, the following are examples of potentially allowable temporary jobs:
  • Loading, unloading, packing, delivering food and emergency supplies (may include truck-driving)
  • Delivering to and/or shopping for necessary food and emergency supplies for homebound individuals
  • Backfilling and/or increasing volunteer and/or employee slots when governmental and nonprofit agencies lose volunteers/employees in high-risk categories and face an increased workload due to the emergency (e.g., 211, Guardian ad Litem, hospitals, food distribution centers, nursing homes, domestic abuse shelters)
  • Healthcare professionals and aides
  • Positions to assess needs and provide assistance and resources to individuals affected by the emergency
  • Sanitation workers

The following is the criteria for the individuals who qualify for disaster-relief employment include:

  • People who are temporarily or permanently laid off due to the disaster or emergency
  • Dislocated workers
  • Individuals who are unemployed six out of the last 13 weeks
  • Self-employed individuals who become unemployed or underemployed due to the disaster or emergency