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The New Normal Summer Camps and Early Learning Programs

June 23, 2020

Attached is the New Normal Guide; the section that applies to summer camps and early learning programs. Earlier, the Early Learning Coalition posted the entire document in our COVID-19 Page-Safety Tips but you can also find it on the Miami-Dade County site.

We are providing this information to clarify for providers that the maximum number of children allowed in a group is 10. This does not include teachers. A group can have 10 children plus the teacher.

Specific language from the document is:

Ensure social distancing among staff and groups of not more than 10 children.

Establish strict density measures to ensure that groups are no greater than 10 children

and can maintain separation and social distancing requirements.

  • Revise facility capacity, accordingly, ensuring that there are separate spaces for groups of no greater than 10 children.
  • As much as possible, maintain 6 feet distance between children unless accommodations are warranted for very young children or children with disabilities.
  • Restrict mixing, have the same group of children stay with the same staff each day, including during mealtimes.
  • Maximize use of outdoor spaces and increase time spent on outdoor activities.
Click here to download the New Normal Guide relating to summer camps and early learning programs.