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Provider Reimbursement Overpayment Adjustments

July 24, 2020

Dear Early Learning Partner:

Many of you have started to receive notices indicating that you may have been overpaid due to the problems with the state data system that required us to pay you based on estimated attendance instead of actual attendance. Since the funds used to pay for the School Readiness and VPK programs are state and federal dollars, we are required by the Department of Education to recover any overpayments. It truly pains me to bring this up during such a difficult time, especially knowing that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a major financial strain for your program. Please know that we would not notify you of the overpayment amount at this time unless it was totally necessary, but we have a responsibility and contractual requirement to notify you as soon as we complete the reconciliation of payments made to your program. Again, the overpayments are due to the flaws with the data system, not something that we were able to control locally.

After you receive the overpayment notices you will have an adequate amount of time to review the reconciliation of your payments and to discuss any concerns with one of our team members. If you identify any discrepancies, we will adjust the overpayment amount accordingly before the repayment plan is executed. In addition, to assist providers during this most difficult time, once the payment plan is executed we have been authorized by the Department of Education to start withholding the agreed upon repayment amount starting January 2021, not immediately. Repayment plans are for 12 months and become effective upon execution. Any requests for a longer repayment period must be submitted to the Department of Education for approval.

Thank you for your partnership,

Evelio Torres

President and CEO