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July Attendance Information

August 07, 2018

Dear Early Education Provider:

In our August 1st news alert, we informed you that the Payment Department had announced an extension until August 10 for providers to submit their July attendance.

The extension remains in effect. However, many providers have notified us that they are still unable to submit their attendance due to continued issues with the Florida Office of Early Learning (OEL) Provider Portal. The Early Learning Coalition has always had the important goal of making sure that providers are paid timely every month and has consistently met this goal. To ensure that providers are paid timely for their July services, we will issue an interim preliminary payment amount equal to the amount paid in June. Any differences between the interim payment amount and the actual amount due per July's attendance when submitted and processed, will be addressed in the following reimbursement cycles.

We ask that all providers continue to enter and process their attendance into the OEL Provider Portal as soon as they are able to do so.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging period.