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Florida's Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) Progress Monitoring 1 (PM1) Due Soon

September 14, 2022

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Programs (school-year and summer) will begin implementation of the FAST using Star Early Literacy beginning in the 2022-2023 VPK Program Year as required by s. 1002.68, F.S. The previous VPK Assessment Booklets and the Bright Beginnings System will no longer be used. The new Assessments will be online through the Renaissance System. The site can be accessed for Miami Dade/Monroe Providers at: Login credentials have been provided to the VPK Program director listed in the Provider Portal.

Administration Schedule 

Progress Monitoring 1 (PM1) IS DUE SOON, WITHIN THE FIRST 30 INSTRUCTIONAL DAYS OF VPK! All Centers must begin administering the Assessment as soon as possible to ensure compliance with Assessment Administration.

Private and public school VPK Programs are required to administer the assessment during PM1, PM2, and PM3, as followed:

  • PM1: Is the first thirty (30) instructional days of the VPK class schedule beginning with the first VPK instructional day.

  • PM2: Is the period of time in a VPK class schedule where at least 40% of the instructional hours have been completed and no more than 60% of the instructional hours have been completed.

  • PM3: Is the last thirty (30) instructional days of the VPK class schedule ending on the last VPK instructional day.

Login Information not working? 

Users that need Renaissance System support should contact the Renaissance Place Help Desk and Technical Assistance Team at 1-800-338-4204 or by email at

Additional Resources

The following FAQs are available to coalitions, VPK Program administrators and teachers to assist with implementation.

FAST-Star Early Literacy FAQs VPK Program Admins Updated September 8, 2022

FAST-Star Early Literacy FAQs VPK Teachers Updated September 8, 2022

VPK Program Administrators and Instructors should be familiar with the Administration ResourcesReports, and the Star Early Literacy Score Definitions.