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Cost of Care Survey

March 26, 2024

The Department of Education’s Division of Early Learning (DEL) released the Cost of Care Survey for all Partners to complete no later than May 31, 2024.

Please take a moment to fill out this six-question survey. The data will be provided to the Early Learning Programs Estimate conference and will be used with a legislature report on the cost of care. Below is a step-by-step guide to assist with completing the survey.


Note: The Cost of Care Survey is MANDATORY for contracting.


1.    Log in to the DEL Provider Portal to login to your account.

2.    Once logged in, on your home screen there will be a Pop-Up labeled provider Cost of Care Estimate.

3.    Click Proceed to Provider Cost of Care Estimate

4.   Answer the six-question survey. Click here for examples on how to answer the questions. Once complete click save.

5.    You will be asked to confirm that you have opted to save your progress. Click yes.

6.    You will then click submit estimate to submit the survey.


If you have questions, please contact your Contract Manager.