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Change of Ownership Guidance

August 06, 2019

Please see below guidance in regard to Changes in your business.

Per the School Readiness Statewide Contract, OEL-SR20 :

Item 6. Not Transferrable: This Contract is not transferrable or assignable to another entity. A change in ownership requires execution of a new contract. In the event of a change of ownership, sale, sale of assets, conveyance of ownership or other transfer of ownership interest, the provider shall notify the coalition no later than 30 calendar days prior to the transfer of ownership.

Please click here to reference the School Readiness Statewide Contract, OEL-SR20.

If your facility is considering a change, within the next 30 days, please note a new contract must be executed for you to maintain compliance.

Changes include:

  • Change in EIN
  • Any change in partnership
  • Any other Transfer of Ownership interest

Lastly, it is imperative that you notify both the Department of Children and Families and the Early Learning Coalition, 30 days prior of any changes. The Department of Children and Families will review each case, the corporate documents and make a determination if the change is considered a "Change in Ownership." If so, per the Office of Early Learning guidance, a new Provider ID will be issued and a new contract will be executed.

Should you have any questions regarding your contract, feel free to contact our Pre-Screening Department for further clarification.