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Active Credential Requirement: School Readiness Requirment, Rule 6M-4.620

October 04, 2018

This is a reminder, effective October 25, 2018, the active credential requirement related to group size must be in compliance.

The Office of Early Learning and the Department of Children and Families, recently, sent you a letter stating, if the child to adult ratio is such that it requires more than one child care personnel, one of the personnel must have an active staff credential as documented on their Department of Children and Families' child care training transcript. Click on this link for information: Group Size Active Credential Requirements

New School Readiness (SR) Providers that are licensed exempt whose SR contract is signed on or after October 25, 2018, must be in compliance with all standards including the Active Credential Requirement during a pre-contractual inspection.

For additional information, please visit the Office of Early Learning's webpage at