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Legislative Updates

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20-21 Upcoming Early Education Bills

Bill Report - Association of Early Learning Coalitions (AELC)- rev.3/12/2021

SB 1282 Early Learning and Early Grade Success & SB 1898 Student Literacy

Two bills, SB 1282 and SB 1898, have been filed in the Senate that propose different approaches to the state’s VPK Program and progress monitoring system. This document outlines differences between the overlapping sections of the bills.  Click here to download.

House PCB ELE 21-01Student Literacy Proposed Bill from Early Learning & Elementary Education Subcommittee

The bill requires the implementation of a Voluntary Prekindergarten through grade 8 Progress Monitoring System by the start of the 2022-2023 school year. The progress monitoring system must be designed to provide Florida educators with sufficient, high-quality data to identify students with substantial deficiencies in reading and monitor the effectiveness of interventions through continuous data collection.

SB 1898: Student Literacy,  General Bill by Rodriguez

Student Literacy; Revising and providing duties for the Just Read, Florida! Office within the Department of Education; requiring the Department of Education, in consultation with the Office of Early Learning, to implement a coordinated screening and progress monitoring system for students in the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program through grade 8; requiring certain students to participate in a certain coordinated screening and progress monitoring system; creating the “Reading Achievement Initiative for Scholastic Excellence Act”, etc.

House Bill 419, An act relating to early learning and early grade 3 success

SB724: This bill requires the VPK Assessment and FLKRS to be administered in additional languages (the top two most prevalent languages after English in the State). It also gives parents of dual-language VPK students the right to determine if the assessment and screener are appropriate for their child. If they choose not to make that determination, then the teacher will make that decision. It requires the Department to develop a timetable and an action plan to phase in the development and adoption of the native language assessments. It contains some other elements but those are only relevant to K-12.



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