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For more information about the Coalition, or to arrange an interview with a staff member, please contact the  Communications Team at 305-646-7220.


Privacy Policy Regarding Providers' Contact Information

We consider all of the Coalition's early care and education providers, subscribers, customers and conference registrants, attendees and speakers part of the Coalition's early care and education community. If you are part of the early care and education community and you have supplied your fax number or e-mail address to the Coalition, you will occasionally receive emails and facsimiles from us pertaining to information that may be of interest to you, such as provider alerts, legal requirements, Coalition policies, industry trends, formation, and early care and education programs, events and trainings. If you do not wish to receive these types of emails or facsimiles, you can “opt-out” from receiving them by using the opt-out mechanism located within a received email message or facsimile. You may also contact, and you will be removed from the list. The Coalition recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of certain information provided to us. Accordingly, we strive for compliance with all federal and state privacy laws and follow industry best practices in order to best serve our community.