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Curriculum Learning Communities

The Curriculum Learning Communities (CLC) project helps early learning programs implement developmentally appropriate curricula.  Initially, it supports programs that use Creative Curriculum or HighScope Curriculum, with plans to include other approved curricula in the future. CLC is based on best practices and lessons learned from the local Ready Schools Miami project and other local and national early childhood curriculum implementation initiatives.

The goals of the Curriculum Learning Communities project are to:

Each Curriculum Learning Community consists of groups of 15-20 centers that are implementing the same curriculum. The group works together to implement the curriculum over time, share successes, and work to solve challenges.

Each center selects two peer facilitators, ideally one infant/toddler and one preschool. The peer facilitators:

In addition to the specialized training, centers are be able to access curriculum materials, support from the learning communities to ensure successful implementation, and ongoing coordination and follow up.

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Please be advised we are currently looking  at ways to improve the implementation model of Curriculum Learning Communities and will be accepting pre-applications from all interested programs.  We anticipate serving a smaller number of programs for the 2013-2014 year as we improve the implementation process.












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