Our Staff

Miami-Dade County


General Phone Number: 305-646-7220

Executive Leadership Team

  • Pamela Hollingsworth, Senior Vice President Strategic Initiatives and Program Development
    Email: phollingsworth@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2284
  • Jackye Russell,Senior Vice President of Communications, Community Outreach and Program Policy
    Email: jrussell@elcmdm.org, Ext. 2324

Administrative Support Team






Contracts Administration

Traditional Contracts

  • Julissa Perez,Procurement Officer Support Specialist 
    Email: jperez@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2536

Provider Relationship Team

  • Angela Gil, Provider Relationship Manager
    Email:agil@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2577
  • Vanessa Soto, Provider Relationship Supervisor
    Email: vsoto@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2231
  • Carolina Dongo, Provider Relationship Specialist
    Email: cdongo@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2279
  • Amanda Gil, Provider Relationship Specialist
    Email: agil@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2544
  • Jennelle James, Provider Relationship Specialist
    Email: jjames@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2273


Finance & Accounting


Compliance Team




Technical Assistance & Loss Prevention

  • Maybel Ferro,Technical Assistant & Loss Prevention Specialist
    Email: mferro@elcmdm.org, Ext:
  • Belkis Leon, Technical Assistant & Loss Prevention Specialist
    Email: bleon@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2343
  • Sunays Rodriguez, Technical Assistant & Loss Prevention Specialist
    Email: srivas@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2338


Human Resources

  • Trish Turner, VP of Human Resources & Administrative Services
    Email: tturner@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2260
  • Mariamanda Borge, Human Resources Compliance Manager
    Email: mborge@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2319
  • Karina Byrd, Assistant to VP HR/Human Resources Specialist
    Email: kbyrd@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2254


Quality Assurance & Monitoring

  • Kristine Gregory, Monitoring & Technical Assistance Specialist
    Email: kgregory@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2243
  • Astrid Isom, Monitoring & Technical Assistance Specialist
    Email: aisom@elcmdm.org, Ext:
  • Aileen Suazo, Monitoring & Technical Assistance Specialist
    Email: asuazo@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2276









Redetermination Unit

North Service Center

Central Service Center

South Service Center


Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R)


Community Health and Wellness


Screening, Assessment & Inclusion

  • Anabel Espinosa., Director of Research, Evaluation & Assessment
    Email: aespinosa@elcmdm.org , Ext. 2321


Quality Counts

  • Fiorella Altare Christie, Senior Director of Quality Counts
    Email: faltare@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2272
  • Mandisa Persico, Quality Counts Rating & Support Specialist
    Email: mpersico@elcmdm.org , Ext. 2242

Early Head Start

  • Olabisi Baruwa-Castro, Director of Family and Community Support Services
    Email: obcastro@elcmdm.org, Ext: 225
  • Otilia Gonzalez-Varese, Disabilities and Mental Health Manager
    Email: ogvarese@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2543
  • Lucretia Jones, Director of Child Development and Education Support Services
    Email: ljones@elcmdm.org, Ext: 2352
  • Julissa Perez, EHS Enrollment & Attendance Coordinator
    Email: jperez@elcmdm.org, Ext:




Monroe County

General Phone Number (305) 296-5557 Ext. 2368

  • Ernestina Morales, Lead Family Support Specialist -Eligibility / CCR&R
    Email: emorales@elcmdm.org, Ext. 2373 - Lower Keys Service Center
  • Michele Morgan, Provider Relationship Specialist/VPK Specialist
    Email: mmorgan@elcmdm.org, Ext. 2388 - Lower Keys Service Center
  • Altrimese McGlockton, Administrative Assistant
    Email:amcglockton@elcmdm.org, Ext. 2371 - Lower Keys Service Center
  • Laurie Dunn, Family Support Specialist- Inclusion / Teen Parent- County-wide
    Email: ldunn@elcmdm.org, Ext. 2372 Lower Keys Service Center/ Ext. 2610 Middle Keys Service Center
  • Ashley Moodie, Family Support Specialist Eligibility / CCR&R
    Email: amoodie@elcmdm.org, Ext. 2389 - Upper Keys Service Center
  • Amber Keller, Family Support Specialist / VPK Specialist
    Email:akeller@elcmdm.org, , Ext. 2296 - Upper Keys Service Center
  • Adriana Velasco, Lead Family Support Specialist Eligibility / CCR&R
    Email: avelasco@elcmdm.org, 786-314-6847

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