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What is ELIS?

The Early Learning Information System (ELIS) will be a new statewide computer system used by Florida's Office of Early Learning and the Early Learning Coalitions (ELCs). It will be used to operate and manage the delivery of School Readiness (SR), Voluntary Pre-kindergarten (VPK), and Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) services in Florida. ELIS is under development and is expected to go live in early in 2013.

Something for Everyone

Parents, guardians, providers, and partner agencies will all be able to log on and use ELIS from any computer connected to the Internet. The ability to complete work online and to retrieve information using ELIS will be greater than ever before.

ELIS Implementation Highlights

  • ELIS will be used to administer a $1.1 Billion early learning budget where currently no interconnected technology system exists.
  • A feasibility study was completed December 2008 by a third-party vendor estimating a cost savings of $28 million a year due to enhanced efficiencies in program operations.
  • The $22 million a year in cost savings could potentially be used to fund 7,000 more children every year in the school readiness program.

Benefits of ELIS include the following: